Vestas Offshore loses new head

Newly appointed Vestas head of offshore Hans Jörn Rieks has been laid off only weeks after his mid-January appointment.

No official explanation has as yet been provided by the company and a Vestas spokesperson said: "We do not yet know who the new head of offshore will be."

The former Vestas Central Europe president took over the reins from Anders Soe-Jensen, who was an early casualty in the ongoing major reorganization at the Danish manufacturer.  Staff were told of Rieks’ departure yesterday.

The spokesperson said: “Yesterday morning we were informed that Hans Jorn Rieks has been laid off.”

Vestas said ealier this week that Henrik Norremark, chief financial officer and deputy chief executive, had resigned and chairman, Bent Carlsen, and two other board members were also stepping down.

Vestas last month shook up the offshore business in a bid to reflect its "importance" to the company, moving offshore turbine sales into a unit reporting directly to the global chief operating officer.

Design and engineering of the new V164 7MW machine will be merged into two new units, turbines and global solutions and services.
Source: ReNews

Vestas Offshore loses new head