Office Units

The cost of renting an office at OrbisEnergy starts from £441 per month. Office sizes range from 19 to 100 sq metres. The units are let on two different occupancy arrangements:

An unprotected non-assignable fixed term tenancy agreement:

With a fixed term tenancy the rent is payable quarterly in advance. The agreement is an ‘unprotected’ non-assignable term agreement. The term can be up to 5 years with the option for a break-out clause to be operational after 2 years.

An easy-in, easy-out lease similar to a tenancy at will:

With easy-in, easy-out terms, the rent is payable monthly in advance, plus there is a one-off payment of security retention, equal to one month’s rent. If your tenancy should come to an end, any over payment is refunded. With an easy-in, easy-out agreement, the term can be 1 to 3 years.

Rent is inclusive of service charge, heating, lighting and power.

All leases and agreements provide for the exclusion of sections 24-28 of the Landlord and Tenant Act, 1954.

For further details about becoming a tenant at OrbisEnergy, please refer to the below brochure or contact the Centre Coordinator on 01502 563368 or email orbisenergy@nwes.org.uk

OrbisEnergy brochure